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Norman G. Hoffmann, Ph.D., President of Evince Clinical Assessments, is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the development of practical, scientifically sound assessment instruments and the evaluation of behavioral health treatment programs. His assessment instruments are used throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. The instruments include brief and comprehensive interviews for the identification of mental health and substance use disorders in accordance with current diagnostic criteria as well as treatment planning aids based on the ASAM Criteria.


He has provided consultation services on assessment and evaluation issues for state and federal agencies, corporations and public organizations in the US, Canada, Sweden, and Norway. A popular current area consists of assisting treatment programs in the implementation of empirically driven assessment and information systems to facilitate decision support, outcome documentation, and continuous quality improvement protocols.

Dr. Hoffmann led the team that developed the first placement criteria for multiple levels of care and was the lead author on the first American Society of Addiction Medicine patient placement criteria. His work on treatment evaluation provided evidence for the societal and financial benefits from addictions treatment and a foundation for empirically supported funding of treatment services. Dr. Hoffmann served on first joint accreditation panel for prisons, probation, and parole in the United Kingdom. His publications include more than 200 articles, book chapters, and other publications.

Dr. Hoffmann received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Minnesota. Although employed largely in the private sector, his faculty appointments include the University of Texas Medical Branch, University of Minnesota, and Brown University. He is currently adjunct professor of psychology at Western Carolina University

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For upcoming presentations and workshops, to schedule a workshop or presentation, or to get more information concerning consultations, please contact Dr. Hoffmann via evinceassessment@aol.com or by calling 828-454-9960.

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