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Gerald Shulman is a clinical psychologist, Master Addiction Counselor, Fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators and board certified by the American Academy of Psychologists Treating Addiction.  He has been providing treatment or supervising and/or managing the delivery of care to alcoholics and drug addicts in single and multi-site systems full time since 1962.

Among his accomplishments, he was an author of the NAATP, the ASAM and the ASAM PPC-2 and ASAM PPC-2R Patient Placement Criteria and is a member of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria Steering Committee.  He was a panel member and workgroup chair for CSAT's TIP #26, Substance Abuse Among Older Adults and is co-editor of the Journal of Chemical Dependency Treatment. 

His current interests are in delivering high quality treatment services in a managed care environment, providing assistance to programs to move from a fixed length of stay, program driven models to variable length of stay, clinically driven models, and training in the areas of implementation and use of the ASAM Criteria, assessment instruments and systems for addiction counselors, older adults with substance use disorders, treatment planning, relapse prevention and outcomes-driven treatment.

He is a trainer and consultant who has provides services in the public and private sectors, both civilian and military, to treatment providers, managed care staff, drug court staff, counselor associations, conferences on alcohol and drug issues, state and federal governments and EAPs.  He is particularly interested in treatment for dually diagnosed patients and in developing "seamless" continuums of care. His approach to clinical care is one that blends biopsychosocial, disease model, and Twelve-Step philosophy with the best of psychiatric and mental health delivery systems.

Gerald D. Shulman, M.A., M.A.C., FACATA
Phone: 904-363-0667


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